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Why market research questions don’t do what we think they do

Why market research questions don’t do what we think they do: "I had a great time on Wednesday attending the NetGain4 Conference in Toronto and was honoured to be one of the keynote speakers. One of the points I was making that many of the questions that market researchers have been using for years have turned out to be very flawed. To borrow and mangle a phrase from Mark Earls, we are very poor witnesses to our own beliefs and intentions.I think one of the key memes for the next couple of years is going to be triangulation, i.e. can we find alternative sources that all point to the same conclusion. In terms of the concern about many types of market research questions then I recommend the following four books:Herd, by Mark Earls.Buyology, by Martin Lindstrom.How We Decide, by Jonah Leherer.Predictably Irrational, by Dan Ariely.I do acknowledge that many market researchers have reservations about Lindstrom’s methodology and conclusions, however I think he is important to include a…



Confirmation Dr. Silvana Koch-Mehrin

We are proud to announce Dr. Silvana Koch-Mehrin, vicepresident of the european parliament, as a speaker of the 13th World Business Dialogue.

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Tourism industry needs to use Facebook

Tourism industry 'needs to use Facebook' December 2, 2009

Australia's tourism industry must embrace social networking sites such as Facebook to diversify its global tourism campaigns, one of the nation's tourism leaders says.
The industry needs to harness the word-of-mouth inherent in social networking sites in its online media advertising, Tourism Australia executive chairman Rick Allert says.
Marketing Australia was "much more than making the next big TV ad", he said.
Speaking at a tourism conference in Sydney on Wednesday, Mr Allert said the Australian industry had coped well with the global economic downturn and swine flu crisis, outdoing most of its international competitors.
However, it needs to adopt a "strong digital (advertising) strategy."

Facebook is in a different league

Facebook is in a different league

A couple of years ago I tended to assume that Facebook was simply the fad for the year and that something else would soon be along to be the next thing. However, that has not happened and Facebook is building every stronger legacy links that will make it hard to shift.

One of my favourite pastimes, when I should be working, is to play with Google Insights to looks at trends. Insights lets you track the search terms that people have entered into Google.
The chart below shows a comparison for FaceBook, MySpace, and Twitter.

For those who think Twitter might be the next Facebook check out the table below which suggests Twitter may have stalled, which tends to match data about the number of users.


Ray Poynter, Managing Director, The Future Place

I´m In: 13th World Business Dialogue

Dear Eduardo,

The Organisationsforum Wirtschaftskongress (OFW) e.V. would like to congratulate you on being selected from more than 1400 applicants to attend the 13th World Business Dialogue which will take place on March 17th and 18th, 2010 in Cologne, Germany.

After viewing and evaluating all applications, we were extremely impressed by your application. On that account, we are delighted to inform you, that you, as one of the best applicants, are therefore awarded an extra sponsorship which will cover your travel expenses to attend this event, even though you did not apply for it. Attached you will find a formal invitation letter.

We congratulate you on your success in being chosen to attend the 13th World Business Dialogue and see you in Cologne this March.


Your International Relations Department



Can Facebook really help your business?

Can Facebook really help your business?: " Research shows that Australian consumers want organisations to communicate with them through social media outlets such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Yet many organisations are hesitant and feel unsure how to approach this new channel. ..."

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Market Research Professionals Top Websites, Blogs and Training Seminars

Market Research Professionals Top Websites, Blogs and Training Seminars: "Adding a couple more tables today from the NGMR study which we will be releasing tomorrow. The Wall Street Journal, LinkedIn and Quirks seem to be our favorite business websites. Top 10 business websites among market researchers listed below.

I was happy but not surprised given the sample to see that this blog, Next Gen market Research (, made the top 5 market research blogs list. Seth Godin took the clear lead, he seems to be the top business guru among both senior marketing executives as well as among market researchers. Interestingly we’re currently working on a survey to explore why.
Tech Crunch, Nigel Hollis and Mashable are also top-5 blogs. While many

(34%) answered this question, indicating market researchers do read blogs, the responses were really everywhere. Perhaps not surprising given the number of blogs on different topics to choose from.

The final table for today shows prefe…

Top Business Books Among Market Research Professionals

Top Business Books Among Market Research Professionals

Today’s data table from the Next Gen Market Research Trends Survey being released this Thursday, with over 855 market researchers responding, is below. I think we all know market researchers like to read. Well here are the top 13 business books:

Good to Great
The Tipping Point
Blue Ocean Strategy
Who Moved My Cheese
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Predictably Irrational
How Customers Think
Made to Stick
The Goal
The World is Flat
The Wisdom of Crowds

Specifically the question was “What is your favorite business book?”.

Interestingly, during the past couple of years, I’ve also had the opportunity to work with and survey senior level marketing executives of MENG (Marketing Executives Networking Group). Therefore I took the liberty to compare and contrast the last MENG survey results to the NGMR results. As you can see there is quite a bit of overlap.

It looks like my fellow Next Gen Market Researchers need to read Positioning…

Which networks are being used for what?

Which networks are being used for what?: "
As part of the book I have developed table below:

Which leads to two questions in my mind
What do people think to this table? What's missing? What's wrong?What is the prognosis for market researchers who don't e-network? Are they more productive? Are they using better channels to gain awareness, contacts, promotion? Will there be a two-tier profession in the future - the networked and the not?


John Tantillo’s Top Brand Winners And Losers Of 2009

John Tantillo’s Top Brand Winners And Losers Of 2009: "Top Five Brand Winners

1. Lady Gaga - She may not be the best singer in the world, but she has built herself into a world-class brand by being an excellent marketer. She has discovered the demand of music consumers and delivered again and again over the past year, and her profile has grown enormously.

2. Apple - What can I say? This company and its head, Steve Jobs, embody everything right about marketing. They build products that everyone wants. They get the advertising right because they know their Target Market and respect it. They get the distribution right so that they can keep up with demand and adjust. They deserve their growth and should see more of it in 2010.

3. Hollywood - Despite the struggling economy, fierce competition from the Internet and video games, Hollywood has managed to put in one of its strongest years ever and with Avatar ushering a new movie-going trend, the future looks bright. Hollywood is a brand th…