8 December 2009

Mobile marketing

Social media is preferred to mobile marketing by many companies as a method of engaging with customers, new research shows.

A study by internet marketing and e-commerce information group Econsultancy, conducted in association with digital agency cScape, says that social networking websites like Facebook are proving popular web marketing tools for businesses.

Dubbed the fourth Annual Online Customer Engagement Report, the survey indicates that firms' presence on social networks has almost doubled from 23 to 44 per cent year-on-year.

Furthermore, usage of microblogging portal Twitter has gone up from seven to 35 per cent over the last 12-month period. Meanwhile, 11 per cent of businesses said they plan to invest significantly in the mobile channel.

A statement from Econsultancy suggests this lower interest in mobile marketing comes "despite increased use of smartphones and the mobile internet".

Earlier this week, bigmouthmedia's 2010 Travel Report revealed that online marketing will make up more than 50 per cent of travel companies' overall advertising spend next year.