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What is the current state of research – what is working and what isn’t as we move forward?What traditional methodologies are outdated and no longer meet the needs of today’s clients?Reflecting upon our recent research history; is everything as was predicted or has the experience of the last 5 years led to a change in opinion on approaches and solutions?What are the fledgling ideas from 5 years ago that have now become mainstream and how do we advance upon that?How as an industry do we trim our “fat” to be leaner and healthier in the long term?Considering the advancement of technologies, where do you see the future of research taking us in the next decade?

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Social Media: Cracking the Code for Business Marketers

You do not want to miss AMA's Free Virtual Event - Social Media: Cracking the Code for Business Marketers on February 25, 2010 (9am - 5:15pm CST). Register now, there is no need to travel or leave your desk.

The social media revolution is happening now, and quickly gathering steam. With broad implications for so many aspects of our lives and businesses, there is no shortage of opinion on how to capitalize on this amazing new space. But what do you really need to do to establish a solid social media presence now and in the future? And in a world that seems full of B2C ideas, what's working for B2B marketers?

Cut through the clutter and get the insights you need from leading experts at this free AMA virtual conference. We'll focus on:

Utilizing Social Media Tactics for Lead Generation

Understand how to utilize a social media platform to cultivate, identify and qualify leads
Know how to identify the social media platforms you should invest in

Leveraging …

ESOMAR Congress 2009 - Fresh Talent I

ESOMAR Congress 2009 - Fresh Talent

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"(...) for the decade’s best in the marketing, media and agency world"

If you happened to be frozen in cryonic suspension over the past decade, you missed a lot.
Steve Jobs and the iPod reinvented the music business. Sergey Brin and Larry Page tamed the Web. Ad shop Goodby, Silverstein & Partners rewrote the creativity book. And this thing called social media put amateurs in charge of just about everything else.
Sound like chaos? Not compared to the way the '90s ended, it wasn't. If anything, the last 10 years witnessed something uniquely new for the Web: a measure of rationality. From the overhyped, speculative ashes of the dot-com boom, the Internet saw itself reborn and reorganized—and panting at the end of Google's tight leash. And this time, the business opportunities were real. Sure, social-media sites like Facebook and YouTube might not be raking in the dough—but they're viable tools for the branding, marketing and media execs who are lear…

How to promote your business using Facebook
It would be difficult not to notice the astonishing growth of Facebook over the last few months. Facebook now has 31 million members across the world and its growth has been so large that several people are talking of it as the new Microsoft.

Where there are members there is the potential to get customers, promote your business and drive traffic to your site or eBay listings. After playing around with Facebook over the last few months, I have come up with a list of ways in which it can be used to your business.

Connect with your business contacts

It is possible that your colleagues and business contacts are on Facebook already. Invite them to become your friends and join your company’s professional network (if you have one – see below). Facebook is a lot more friendly and interactive environment than other social networks like Linkedin and can be used to form closer bonds with your contacts.

Build a profile for you…

Mobile marketing

Social media is preferred to mobile marketing by many companies as a method of engaging with customers, new research shows.

A study by internet marketing and e-commerce information group Econsultancy, conducted in association with digital agency cScape, says that social networking websites like Facebook are proving popular web marketing tools for businesses.

Dubbed the fourth Annual Online Customer Engagement Report, the survey indicates that firms' presence on social networks has almost doubled from 23 to 44 per cent year-on-year.

Furthermore, usage of microblogging portal Twitter has gone up from seven to 35 per cent over the last 12-month period. Meanwhile, 11 per cent of businesses said they plan to invest significantly in the mobile channel.

A statement from Econsultancy suggests this lower interest in mobile marketing comes "despite increased use of smartphones and the mobile internet".

Earlier this week, bigmouthmedia's 2010 Travel Report revealed that online marke…

ESOMAR Global Healthcare 2010

Global Healthcare 2010
Trends and Innovation Booster
New York / 28 February - 2 March
The Global Healthcare sector has historically been fairly resilient to recessions, but it is not ‘recession proof’. The long-term prospects for the sector are good, as strong growth in emerging markets, an ageing population, and growing levels of lifestyle-related chronic diseases in the developed world drive demand. However, the industry dynamics are fundamentally changing. For instance: the application of Web 2.0 technologies and new marketing strategies are transforming the world of care delivery worldwide.

The ESOMAR Global Healthcare 2010 conference focuses on innovation, market trends, and the role of research as the catalyst of this evolution.

Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences

“Call for Participants” for the Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences 2 (QMSS 2) Summer Schools in 2010, which is also available at

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