27 November 2009



Estão abertas as candidaturas para IP Cross Cultural Management – um programa Intensivo Erasmus, iniciativa do EuroMed Research Business Institute, financiado pela Hellenic State Scholarships Institution e pelo LLP ERASMUS da Comissão Europeia

The “Cross-Cultural Management” Intensive Programme is an initiative of the EuroMed Research Business Institute funded by the Hellenic State Scholarships Institution under the ERASMUS LLP of the European Commission. The programme is designed to promote the idea of Cross-Cultural Management training between students and academics, of different cultural backgrounds, throughout Europe. It will be implemented as an intensive two-week summer school.

Student benefits

The European Union will cover 75% of your travel expenses and will also give you a grant of 478 € that will cover your subsistence costs (accommodation, meals etc). You do not have to pay any fees for attending the course.

Upon successful participation, students will be awarded with a Certificate of Attendance worth 6 transferable ECTS units, and endorsed by the Scientific Committee acting in the name of all participating institutions. According to the structure of studies in each institution the credits will either count as representing an integral course module or will be allocated to existing courses as work done. It is agreed that the proposed IP will become the basis of a joint Master’s Program that will be organized by partner institutions.


Download the application form from the course website (http://ccmip.teicrete.gr/), and send to Ana Maria Soares (amsoares@eeg.uminho.pt) with the indication IPCCM on the subject field.

For more information: http://ccmip.teicrete.gr/