1 October 2009

Intra-organizational learning networks within knowledge-intensive learning environments

M. Skerlavaja, V. Dimovskia, A. Mrvarb and M. Pahor

Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia;
Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

(Received 23 January 2008; final version received 5 May 2008)
Organizational learning contributes to organizational performance. One research
question that remains inadequately explained is how learning occurs. Can it be
explained by using the acquisition or participation perspectives? Or is there a need for some other view? This paper suggests that learning networks form an important
learning environment for knowledge transfer. A case study of a software development
and business consulting company is used to test the network perspective on intraorganizational learning. Both exploratory and confirmatory social network analysis of a learning network within the IT company are used to establish learning patterns within organizations. Learning needs to be seen as both participation in communities of practice and a flow of previously acquired knowledge.