30 October 2009

Findings from the Ultimate Twitter Study

We invited members of our online research community, who use Twitter, to take part in this Twitter study and promote it to their followers and friends, on Twitter as well as on other social media. In total 620 tweeters from all over the world took part in the study. And it were the ‘real’ users of the platform as they do 17 tweets a day and are on Twitter for 14 months (on average).

The fully ‘fused’ research study, of which results could be followed in real-time on www.ultimatetwitterstudy.com, consisted out of three main parts that cover the full range of opportunities to conduct market research on Twitter:

1/ Discussions with users of the social media platform via their answers on the tweet/question of the day (during 2 weeks) and 10 in-depth ‘twinterviews’ (consisting of 15 tweets/questions) via the direct messaging system of the platform.

2/ A quantitative profiling survey among the followers of the account we made for the study and their friends.

3/ An observation of what our followers share on Twitter in order to enrich our findings. The Twitter API was used to download the tweets from the site; text mining software for conducting the analysis. In total, more than 52.000 tweets were gathered! As a last step, we discussed the results of the study with some experts via an online discussion group.

Some of the key findings of the study: