18 October 2009

Chaotic Social Networks

From Susan Boyle to the Iranian election, online Social Media has had an enormous effect on society. Web driven Social Networks can make Gods out of mortals; influence world leaders and slay mighty brands with startling speed.

Moreover, this all seems to happen unpredictably, almost violently as if an entire placid lake immediately erupts into an enormous geyser, irregularly but repeatedly.

What makes Social Media so different from anything we’ve seen before? The answer is Chaos.

The chaotic nature of networks can be frustrating, because it confounds the linear, correlated way we have learned to look at the world. However, as I think you’ll see, it’s worth a little effort. Chaos is why Social Networks can grow so quickly and why they confound conventional business thinking.

As publishers, marketers and users, we can benefit greatly if we understand how to make some order out of chaotic Social Networks.

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