27 August 2009

Social Media Strategy- Should Marketers Ignore Twitter?

Social Media and Social Network Segmentation


Are you working on a Social Media Strategy/Social Network Strategy for your company and wondering where to focus your resources? If so, looking at use of social network by age may be a good place to begin (see chart below).

Some surprising findings are that MySpace is still very popular among a younger demographic (age 15-17). Facebook has significant penetration now among a wide age range. Many among those 45+ are being enticed to join the network to keep in touch with their children and grand children.

LinkedIn of course is key if your strategy is B-B. But what about Twitter? Should you ignore it because of the lower penetration rates?

The answer is, it depends. If you were to base your decision solely on penetration rates among your demographic of interest you may be tempted to prioritize Twitter less. However, according to our research it’s not about the number of Twitter users as much as who they are. Twitter users are more likely to have a larger social media foot print (blog etc.) and may therefore be very important to a viral/social media campaign.

A social media strategy needs to view each of these networks as concentric circles, and realize that not all social network users are represent equal opportunities. The best way to begin a social media strategy is to look at your target customers and understand which segments are more or less attractive.