16 April 2009

Tourism marketing images of industrial cities

Tourism marketing images of industrial cities

Bill BramwellE-mail The Corresponding Author, a, * and Liz Rawdingb, **

a Principal Lecturer in Tourism, Sheffield Hallam University Totley, Sheffield S17 4AB, UK

b Researcher at the Center for Tourism, Sheffield Hallam University (Totley, Sheffield S17 4AB, UK

Received 12 April 1994;
revised 21 November 1994;
accepted 27 March 1995;
Refereed anonymously Coordinating Editor: Carlton S. Van Doren
Available online 26 February 1999.


This paper examines the extent to which, and why, places project either similar or different images in their tourism marketing. Specific consideration is given to the similarities and differences in the place images for tourism marketing used by five old industrial English cities: Birmingham, Bradford, Manchester, Sheffield, and Stoke-on-Trent. It is found that, while there was some standardization in their overall marketing imagery, there were also significant differences. Consideration is also given to some of the influences shaping the images projected by these cities using insights from geographical studies, marketing, and critical sociology. An integrated, multidisciplinary research agenda is outlined for future work on city tourism images.