26 February 2009

Third Annual Entrepreneurial Marketing Doctoral Colloquium

*Third Annual Entrepreneurial Marketing Doctoral Colloquium
*August 5-7, 2009

University of Illinois at Chicago
UIC/MEIG Marketing and Entrepreneurship Research Interface Symposium

Entrepreneurial marketing topics are rarely integrated in mainstream marketing doctoral coursework and readings. In 2007, the UIC Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies, E.M. Kauffman Foundation, and American Marketing Association's Marketing-Entrepreneurship SIG invited doctoral students from around the world who were studying marketing and entrepreneurship to attend the UIC Symposium on the Marketing Entrepreneurship Research Interface. Over a dozen doctoral students, many from outside the United States, attended the Symposium held at George Washington University. The success of this event encouraged the Symposium organizers to develop and integrate a special colloquium for the doctoral students at the 2008 Symposium, with a special focus on "International Marketing Entrepreneurship," coordinated by the Swedish Business School at Örebro University. The 2008 Colloquium was extremely successful, leading to a 2009 colloquium.

*Contact Glenn Omura at omura@msu.edu for nomination/application