27 February 2009

EMAC - 2009 conference, Nantes

After having marked “A pause for thought” in Brighton, how about questioning the long-lasting link between the core disciplines and marketing? Audencia Nantes School of Management will be delighted to welcome you to the French Atlantic Coast for the 38th edition of the Conference.

Marketing and the Core Disciplines: rediscovering references?

Marketing has always been nourished by the conceptual and methodological contribution of the “hard sciences” such as mathematics, as well as the social sciences such as psychology, economics, and sociology. How, in what form, and under which conditions should marketing research continue its dialogue with other disciplines? What assessment can we draw on the influence marketing research has in turn exerted and on the impact it has had on the evolution of knowledge and practices? These questions constitute the extension of the debate which was opened at the Brighton conference on the dangers linked to the hyper-specialisation seen within certain research areas in marketing, and on the increasing gap between economic and social considerations and the preoccupations of researchers

Can 'applied' disciplines in the framework of a widened dialogue be the answer to the debate on the reform of marketing? Can this notion help to re-establish the place marketing deserves within society and the corporate world? This is the main issue to be addressed at the 2009 conference.