The boom of online and out-of-town shopping offers, store closures, shrinking footfall and how to overcome the High Street’s crisis fatalist narrative

Blog post by Eduardo Oliveira

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Several media channels have recently proclaimed the ‘death’ of UK High Streets or have been reporting store closures with job losses and economic fallout making the headlines. There have also been a number of expert reports, policy documents and research projects highlighting lower footfall and decline of in-store sales in recent years as casting a shadow of doubt over the High Street’s vitality. For instance, the Springboard UK 2017 Footfall Review reports that footfall has decreased every year since 2013 and in the last 10 years has fallen by 17%. The Grimsey Review 2, published just after the 2018 Local Government Association Annual Conference in Birmingham, reveals that since 2014, chain retailers have shut more stores than they have opened in UK town centres. With regard to store closures, Amir Qamar, a researcher based at the City Region Economic and Development Institute (City REDI) of…

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